Canon Rebel EOS T5 VS T5I


Canon EOS Rebel T5 and T5i are among the best entry level DSLRs in the long list of Canon DSLRs. Although there is a big difference between the Canon EOS Rebel T5( Also known as Canon EOS 1200D) and Canon EOS Rebel T5i( Also Known as Canon EOS 800D). Although either can be used as a beginner level photography. However, it is always the best to look into the technological aspects of the cameras.

Canon Rebel T5i

Canon T5 VS T5I Comparison Table

Specifications Of Canon EOS Rebel T5 vs Canon EOS Rebel T5i

The specifications list of Canon EOS Rebel T5 and Canon EOS Rebel T5i will cause confusion to beginner level photographers. So we decided to explain bit about the technological aspects so that you can figure out the features that should be necessary in your DSLR.


Although we were told many times. ISO is not an acronym. ISO is an indicator of your camera sensitivity to the light. The higher you pick up your ISO settings means that higher the light your camera will pick up, which helps to take clear shots in low light conditions. The higher ISO can help you shoot images even in dark room or in no light conditions however, the images captured at higher ISO will be much grainier than lower ISO images.

Back to our Canon T5 vs T5i comparison it can be seen that the Canon T5i has higher ISO. Canon EOS Rebel T5 can offer a maximum ISO of 25,600 in comparison with Canon EOS T5 with a maximum ISO of 12,800. However, both of them have same noise interference at higher levels, so most of the users are unlikely to spot the difference. It is also worth mentioning that above ISO 1600 the level of noise starts to to exceed the built in noise reduction capability of the camera and all the images looks grainy.


Canon EOS Rebel T5 features 3 inch user friendly screen leaving behind the 2.7 inch screen of its predecessor. It features LCD resolution of 460,000 dots.

Canon EOS Rebel T5i on the other hand features 3 inch screen with a considerable large extra features. Rebel T5i features a touch screen. The touch screen is of great advantage for the users who want a better control and access over camera menus. The touch screen is equally important for the beginners and those who want to keep the things simple. The 1,040,000 dots resolution already completes the a pretty image. The touch screen of Canon EOS Rebel T5 is speculated which means that you can pull out the screen and move it like a screen of camcorder. The feature is of great importance while shooting images that comes at awkward angles. Also this feature is of great importance while shooting selfies.

However, T5i articulated touch screen doesn’t makes it a better camera overall. Also the user needs to take high steps in terms of cost.


Canon Rebel T5 features an older DIGIC 4 processor while the Canon Rebel T5i features new DIGIC 5 processor. While most of the beginner and experts level photographers are unable to spot out the difference in the performance of two. So, it is important to dive into the specifications of the two.

The Canon T5, due to older version features DIGIC 4 processor which in turn tends to run little slower than the new Canon T5i. Still that is not a big difference that can be noticed. As seen Canon T5 produces little FPS of 3 as compared to T5i that can shoot at FPS 5. Which means you can shoot more photos that help to gain best image in the end. Cameras processor also have an effect on its performance in low light conditions. We have already seen that Canon T5i is better for low light conditions than T5.


Canon T5 and T5i can produce high quality videos that can be treasured and cherished by any photographers. The video quality of these camera depicts the ability of Canon to produce extremely high quality camera bodies that excel in capturing the memory. However, there is a noticeable difference in video quality of two.

Canon T5 is not equipped with the Stereo microphone while Canon EOS Rebel T5i is equipped with built in mic.  However, the mic capture distractions like sounds of lens motor at work. Additionally the Canon EOS Rebel T5 does not support continuous autofocus ability. It means that the video may appear little blurry when photographers are adjusting to their cameras. The Canon T5i has an external mic port which can be used to capture high quality audio with an external microphone. This feature is excluded in T5.

These key differences are likely to be ignored by the beginner level photographers especially for the one who just stepped into the DSLR world. However, if you are the one wanted to extend its videography Rebel EOS T5i has a lot of things to offer.

Kit Lenses

Both of these Canon cameras are cropped body cameras, which means the cameras will not be true to their focal measurements. Don’t worry cropped body cameras are welcomed in the world of amateur and beginner level photographers. Cropped cameras have smaller sensor than full frame sensor. In other words it is worth to adjust the cropped camera than to upgrade to full frame sensor.

The Canon T5 Kit lens is  Canon’s 18-55mm 3.5-5.6 IS, one of the Canon’s older design lens that first appeared in 2007. It is a very solid lens and it is according to the needs of most of the people. On the Canon T5 it translates in to an effective focal length of 29-88mm with image stabilization technology. Like most of the kits lens it is made up of plastic which makes it cheaper but it is not durable. Still it is the great lens to start with.

The lens marketed with Canon EOS Rebel T5i was Canon 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM. This is an upgrade of lens from Canon EOS Rebel T5i predecessors. This lens was revealed in 2013 and includes better technology as well as STM or Stepping motor technology. This feature is particularly important for photographers shooting videos. As the STM lens will capture the videos considerably more silent motor than T5.

The Canon T5i was also fitted with wider Canon 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM lens. For the users who want all round photographs this lens might be an ideal choice. However, for the beginner level 19-135mm makes an easy start into the digital photography world.

Final Comparison of Canon EOS Rebel T5 and Canon EOS Rebel T5i

From our list of comparison it can be seen that Canon EOS Rebel T5i is a better camera than the Canon EOS Rebel T5. However, it isn’t time to claim that Canon T5 can’t do well.

However, there are certain features in which Canon EOS Rebel T5 dominates Canon T5i. Canon T5 can capture 60 extra images in fully charged battery than T5i. Also the most important factor is price, it is not a variable to be neglected. It is seen that Canon T5 is 50% cheaper than Canon T5i.

Now, coming to an end it can be seen from the comparison that Canon T5i is more advanced than Canon T5. It is more versatile and compact photographic equipment. It features a resolution more than 2.5 times than the T5, with an easy to use touch interface. Also it features an articulate screen and you’ve got a full package with screen alone. Also add in the superior video quality, built in mic and continuous autofocus.

On the other hand Canon T5 is a great camera to get into the digital photography world. If you are looking to get into the world of Digital photography than Canon T5 is the great camera to start with. Also it is best suited for kids wanted to get into the digital photography world. On the other hand Canon T5i is a more versatile camera.

There are new flagship Monster Canon EOS 1DX mark II and Nikon D5. Take a look at their reviews if you are expert level photographers.

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