Canon Upcoming Cameras in 2017/Upcoming Cameras in 2017


Take a look of Canon Upcoming camera in 2017, We have seen some of the big announcements in the year 2016 which does include Canon 1DX Mark II, Canon 80D and finally during the Photokina event Canon also announced the Canon 5D Mark IV camera.

The Canon 6D Mark II camera was expected to arrive sometime in 2016 but the announcement was delayed since Sep 2016 date was reserved by 5D Mark IV. The delay in the announcement of 6D Mk II based on simple logic, Canon doesn’t want to lower down the sales of its 5D series by putting a affordable DPAF FF sensor solution in-front of photographers.

Canon Upcoming Cameras in 2017
Canon Upcoming Cameras in 2017

Canon 6D Mark II on April 2017 – Canon Upcoming Cameras in 2017

NAB 2017 shows will be a great platform in front Canon to introduce the Canon 6D Mark II camera. The camera will have Dualpixel CMOS AF fullframe sensor and advance core specification compared to existing Canon 6D DSLR. That will sure attract new customer base towards Canon. more information here

Canon 800D on January 2017 – Canon Upcoming Cameras in 2017

We are almost confirmed that Canon next announcement will be a Rebel camera. Canon will bring new Canon T7s aka Canon 800D in-front of users in Jan or Feb of 2017. Specification of the upcoming Rebel camera not know, but according to the trusted sources the DSLRs to be released in “its own way”.

Canon G1X Mark III Q1 of 2017

Canon G1X Mark II was announced on Feb, 12th 2014. The age of the current camera is approx 2 years, 6 months. But, if we look at the Canon G1X product life cycle it was only 2 year and 1 month. It directly means Canon G1X Mark III announcement is inevitable.

Canon Fullframe Mirrorless Rumor –

According to rumors published few weeks ago Canon is likely to announce the Canon Fullframe mirrorless camera in Q4 of 2017. Canon is also working on a fixed lens compact camera to compete against Sony RX1R. More details here

and finally one more..

Details are very less about this camera but Canon 5DS Mark II is also expected to arrive on Q4 of 2017 according to rumor published  here (October 12th, 2016). The camera will be updated with a new sensor DPAF for sure with a higher resolution.

Not only Canon all the companies are slashing up the announcement of small sensor based compact camera, Canon will  continue to update its compact line-up in January as well as February of 2017.

We have added the list of expected camera that may arrive in 2017, we will update this post as any new information arrives. Thanks for reading and do share your thoughts with us.

It will be called the successor of Nikon D3300, which is now officially discontinued. Until now, we have some good amount of rumors regarding this upcoming Nikon D3500 from Nikon. However, it’s expected to be announced before Photokina 2016.

Update– Nikon D3400 was announced Click here

Nikon D5600-Upcoming Cameras in 2017

Nikon D5500Photographers have been waiting to keep their hands on this camera for long time, but what specifications should it implement are yet to confirm? According to the rumors so far, the camera would implement 24mp sensor, here are itsexpected specifications. By the way, Nikon D5500 was announced back in 2015, so most probably the Nikon D5600will be announced either by the end of 2016 or in the initial months of 2017.

Update– The Nikon D5600 has already been announced. Click here to see the announcement article

Nikon D760–Upcoming Cameras in 2017Nikon D810

In fact, Photographers do have a lot of expectations with the Nikon D760 because it’s one primary camera of Nikon that everyone is eagerly waiting for. The current Nikon D750 has still been the demanding camera by the photographers because the camera has given the chance to the photographers to create memorable impression infront of their clients under an affordable price tag. Well, what we could expect about Nikon D760 is that the camera may have 24.3MP FX-Format CMOS Sensor (Same as D750) but according to rumors, it will not use the image processor of D750 (Expeed 4), it may use Dual Expeed 4 or Single Expeed 5.  Expandable ISO may go upto 102400 and continuous shooting speed may be upto 10fps. Upto now, Nikon is in relaxed manner and showing no hurry in their announcement of Nikon D760. But 2016 is not over.

Nikon D820–Upcoming Cameras in 2017

Nikon D810It will be the successor camera for current Nikon D810. Rumors say that the camera is going to employ powerful 42 mp resolution sensor from Sony A7R II and users may also get the chance to record 4K video with this upcoming Nikon D820. The camera also rumored to have 173AF points, means the users would get a complete new camera from Nikon. By the way, Nikon is making us wait for a longer while and the photographers from different corners of the world want to ask until when they will wait. We hope 2016 is the perfect time and Nikon may show some speedy works in their announcement.

Nikon P1000–Upcoming Cameras in 2017

The main question regarding this upcoming camera is if it features 100X zoom or not? So far the rumors and expectations concerned the camera may come with incredible 100x optical zoom range. Check out our expectations on upcoming Nikon P1000. The current Nikon P900 is the camera that earned popularity for its brilliant 83x Zooming capability. Moreover, P1000 may feature 20/24mp resolution etc.

Nikon Coolpix A II

Nikon coolpix A
It looks like Nikon is not serious about the announcement of Nikon Coolpix A II. No news, no rumors except expectations are circulating online. But still the camera has good chance to get included into the announcement list soon.

Nikon D7300

nikon-d7300Rumor mills stick calm, but we expect the successor of Nikon D7200 will be a great announcement since Nikon D7200 has been around us for more that one and half years. We hope Nikon D7300 will be announced in second half year of 2017. However, CES and CP+ shows are in January and February respectively and probably Nikon would choose any one of these shows to showcase Nikon’s DX-format camera. We also hope some vast changes in this Nikon D7300 over its predecessor.

Nikon 1 J6

Nikon 1J5

The 1″ Nikon 1 J6 Mirrorless camera would probably be announced at CP+ in February of 2017. The rumored specifications of the camera, so far are: It features 4K video and Nikon Snapbridge, the wireless Function.

Now we are entering to the section of Sony cameras that are expected to be announced in the recent times

Sony A9–  Kumamoto Earthquake really has disfigured the Sony’s schedule for their upcoming products announcement, Sony had to rework a lot probably from very begin for their products . And now the sound is coming that Sony will quick introduce one after another cameras in a little interval. So far the camera that popping up rapidly is Sony A9.  If you have already looked at the Sony’s roadmap  for their upcoming cameras then you must have read that A9 is still on the list for 2016 announcement. In other words, Sony A9 maybe the only cameras to be announced by the end of 2016.

A7S III– Upcoming Cameras in 2017Sony-A7S-II

We already have tossed our expectations with Sony A7S III camera that it may come with atleast around 20MP effective resolutions or etc. A7S III will be the successor of current A7S II camera, which was announced back in September 2015. After looking at the present rumors circulating online, it looks like Sony is not in hurry to make A7S III announcement.

Sony A7 III- 

It looks like Sony A7 III still under the development stage and unfortunately its announcement time is still not confirmed. If we look at the old rumors, then the camera was set to announce in June of this running year, but June is over. Maybe we have to wait for next couple of months to see its announcement.

Sony A7000- Upcoming Cameras in 2017

But, Sony A7000 will be released soon, which will be the successor camera for current and highly popular Sony A6000. However, A6000 came in February, 2014 means two years over but its successor announcement is still pending. As we have already told you that Sony has bunch of cameras to announce but after looking at the rumors one can say that Sony would possibly release this camera in the next year. In the end, Rumors are constantly floating over the web, so let us wait and see which is going to be correct.

Sony A7R III- Upcoming Cameras in 2017

Sony-A7R-IIWith Sony A7R II, the photographers reached to the next level. Also, it is Sony’s most popular mirrorless camera that surpassed other mirrorless cameras of these genres. Sony A7R III will come and it is expected that the camera may boast 70-80MP resolution and the expected announcement time is Q1 of 2017.

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