Latest Rumors| Pentax KP DSLR Camera is set for CP+ launch


Ricoh will supposedly show a fresh Pentax KP DSLR Camera in the CP 2017 Show. The firm will release it to the marketplace beneath the KP moniker and has just filed it.

Ricoh will show fresh Pentax KP DSLR Camera on CP+ 2017 show. K-mount cameras are highly- viewed thanks to some reasons, for example, the fact they can be extremely rough.

If you are a lover of the producer’s products, then you’ll be very happy to know that Ricoh, its parent company, has filed another camera, that will be unveiled shortly.

This is a well-known fact that their products must be registered by businesses in the regulatory agencies of any specified state. In this manner, they can be permitted to sell the apparatus in these states. A great thing about that is the names of cameras often show up before the official statements online.

Pentax KP DSLR Camera

The naming scheme might look strange in the beginning, but you have to remember the Pentax K-S show exists, and that means you ought to set your worries aside. The unit is a Pentax KP DSLR Camera and will probably be a K-mount version compatible with all K-mount lenses.

The K1 is not going to be replaced in the longer term, as it hasn’t had its one-year anniversary now.

When it comes to specifications, it’s rumored the Pentax KP DSLR Camera will come packaged with WiFi technology. Also, it may also feature built-in GPS, but this is all according to rumor conversations. Other things which can be said in regards to the unit is the fact that it’ll be produced in the Philippines.

Getting back to the gossips, sources are saying the Pentax KP DSLR Camera is going to be shown at CP 2017. The occasion will happen between February 23-26 at the Pacifico Yokohama Convention Center.

Again, an unannounced camera was seen an Indonesian radio certificate Bureau, on Postel’s web site.

We consider that more information is likely to be leaked in the nearby future, so that it could be a good idea to keep a watch on us.

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