Sony Rumors | Sony Camera Rumors

Sony Rumors | Sony Camera Rumors

The category of is strictly related to rumors regarding Sony rumors. These rumors will be related to Sony.

Our Criteria for presenting Sony Rumors

Here at howshutterbug we are concerned with the rumors with some degree of possibility  to occur. We often include some reputable source from over the web with the probability that rumor is likely to be converted to news.

However, following is our criteria for including any source for respected rumor

  • We often present rumors when there is possibility that Sony will reveal new product keeping in view the demands of fans.
  • When a product is old and we are expecting some successor to over take the existing one for better user experience.
  • We only present Sony Camera Rumors on company insiders notes or we often cite a reference which is likely to reveal the truth.

In this section of howshutterbug we collect sources, news and rumors about Sony cameras. In the mean time it is worth mentioning that we are group of enthusiasts with a keen interest in company’s products and revenue. Also it although isn’t a professional website, however, we are trying our best to deliver the things and rumors that is concerned to users intent and is directly or indirectly related to Sony rumors or news.

It would be of great help if you consider throwing us some news or rumors. Our support team will contact you back in a short interval of time.

Stay tuned in howshutterbug for more details and updates.

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